Autumn blackberries

Autumn blackberries

Rubus fruticosus
This print is created in an art workshop, signed, numbered and limited to 150 prints, from an original botanical watercolor.This woody vigorous plant is very thorny and pertains to the rose family. Greek mythology tells that the bramble would be from the blood shed by the Titans in their battles against the gods of Olympus. BlackBerry allows the conquest of the ground and also protects the tree seedlings in their first years. The blackberry is an exclusive love symbol. Blackberry harvest should be completed before 10th of October : after that date, the fruits become watery because the devil spits during the night on the bush

9,4 x 11,8 in - 24 x 30 cm

50 € TTC
11,8 x 15,7 in - 30 x 40 cm

80 € TTC

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Autumn blackberriesAutumn blackberries