Purple peony

Purple peony

Paeonia sp.
Peonies, whose spectacular flowering has never left man indifferent, are native to China, where they are grown into trees since the 7th century. Larger than his cousin herbaceous, shrubby Peony offers us one of the most sumptuous May bloom. The flowers can be single, semi-double, double or even globular. The colour comes in all shades of pink, white, red or purple. The deciduous leaves have a beautiful dark green, bluish color on the reverse. This print is a fine art, signed, numbered & limited to 150 copies print, from an original botanical watercolor.

7,9x7,9 in - 20x20 cm

45 € TTC
11,8 x 11,8 in - 30 x 30 cm

60 € TTC
15,7 x 15,7 in - 40 x 40 cm

95 € TTC
19,7 x 19,7 in - 50 x 50 cm

145 € TTC

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Purple peonyPurple peony