Ribes rubrum
Redcurrants are originating shrubs temperate regions of the northern hemisphere and the Andes. The wild ancestors of redcurrant are growing in the northern countries of Europe or in cool mountainous regions. For these reasons, redcurrant remains unknown ancient Greek and Roman during a long time.
Cultivated in french gardens from the Middle Ages, their presence is attested in the twelfth century in Lorraine, and in the sixteenth century in the gardens and at the table of the King of France. This print is created in an art workshop, signed, numbered and limited to 150 prints, from an original botanical watercolor.

9,4 x 11,8 in - 24 x 30 cm

50 € TTC
11,8 x 15,7 in - 30 x 40 cm

80 € TTC

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