Philodendron monstera

Philodendron monstera

Monstera deliciosa
An inside vine which grows in tropical forests of America and Caribbean where these plants can climb up to 20 meters in the trees. This print is created in an art workshop, signed, numbered and limited to 150 prints, from an original botanical watercolor and represents one of its large round and holed leaves ; this plant is known to get noticed and it also has aerial roots. It would symbolize the choking, because its liane to rapid growth, with foliage and long aerial roots, but, in China, it represents a long life and veneration towards elderly and respected people.

11,8 x 15,7 in - 30 x 40 cm

80 € TTC
15,7 x 19,7 in - 40 x 50 cm

120 € TTC
19,7 x 27, in - 50 x 70 cm

220 € TTC

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Philodendron monsteraPhilodendron monstera